Privacy policy

Sportoora has a meaningful vision – to encourage people to regularly work out and to spend their leisure time actively. All our services and activities are directed towards this goal.

The services we offer are designed to monitor your activities, motivate you, and help you share positive information with your friends. The Sportoora Privacy Policy describes which data we collect, why we need it and how we process it.

1.   General

We care deeply about your privacy. We treat your data with great care and comply with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the law governing the protection of personal data.

The controller of the filing system is the company Sportoora d.o.o., Pregljeva 3, 1230 Domžale, registration number 8195196000.

The words “we”, “our”, “us” and “Sportoora” refer to Sportoora d.o.o. (“provider”) and our services, and the words “you”, “your” and similar refer to the users of Sportoora services and all contributors of content to our platforms (“users”).

As the user, you decide which data you want to share with others. You may request to consult, delete, correct, limit the processing, demand portability or object to the processing of the personal data on you that we keep.

The data we collect help us provide our services and offer you a good user experience.

Your personal data such as first name, last name or email address are never sold or shared with third parties in any other way. But in the event the provider is acquired by another company, all the data will be transferred to the acquirer.

The terms used in the Privacy Policy mean as follows:

2.   Data protection officer

Sportoora has appointed a data protection officer. Any questions related to the Privacy Policy should be addressed to

3.   The data we collect

3.1 Unregistered users

We invite you to become registered users to gain access to all functionalities offered by Sportoora. If you do not want to create a user profile, you can access the content which is accessible without registration.

The data we collect on unregistered users is very limited. We log your IP address to be able to address any server problems, compile statistics about the use of our services, and improve the user experience. Regardless of whether your IP address is different every time you visit our site or always the same, it would be very difficult for us to use it to identify you, nor do we attempt that. If you have arrived at our site by clicking a link or advertisement on another site, we log this information. This allows us to better understand the interests of our users and improve the online presence of our services. All the collected data is aggregated and collected in our database, where we analyse them at aggregate level, never for individual users. We also collect data with the analytical tool Google Analytics Solutions.

3.2 Registered users

Registered users may use all the Sportoora functionalities available to unregistered users as well as functionalities accessible only with a user profile.

If you become a registered user, we will collect your personal data along with the information we collect for unregistered users. All the data we collect on registered users is intended for the proper functioning of the Sportoora service – for the user profile, connecting with friends, and improving the user experience:

  1. Data that you enter at registration
    1. Mandatory data: First name, last name, date of birth, email address
    2. Data on animal profile: Mandatory user data plus ownership of the animal and hence its user profile
  2. Data that you enter in your user profile
    1. Mandatory data: Data that you entered during registration (all data except for username may be changed at any time)
    2. Optional data: Telephone number, address, school, job, website, link to profile on other social networks, profile and cover photo (you decide which of these data you will enter and share with others)
  3. Content that you post in your user profile:
    We collect the content and other information that you enter when you use our services. Aside from the data you submit during registration, we also collect content that you post, share, message or communicate with others. This may include data on how you use our services, for example which content you have viewed, in which interactions you have participated, how frequently and how long you use our services. When you post a sports activity, we record:
    the type of activity, duration, date and beginning of activity, your comment about the activity, additional photos, tagged location and tagged friends you were active with.
    1. Content that others post in their user profile:
      Sportoora allows you to connect with friends, which means others may post content connected with you, for example a shared activity or a photo of you. Data that we collect also includes content that others post.
    2. Interactions with other users
    3. Advertising
      Sportoora displays third-party ads, but we never share identifiable information with such third parties. We keep a timestamped log of ads you have been shown along with the data on whether you have clicked an ad, tagged it, or commented or shared it in your profile.
  4. Data from the analytical tool Google Analytics Solutions
    1. Data on the operating system, hardware version, device settings, name and types of files and software, battery health, signal strength, and device ID.
    2. Location of device you use to access Sportoora, including certain geographical location data, for example from GPS, Bluetooth or WiFi signals.
    3. Connection data such as name of mobile operator or internet service provider, type of browser, language, time zone, mobile device number, and IP address.
  5. 4.   Cookies

    We use cookies on our platforms to provide you with a better user experience. Cookies, which are stored on your computer’s browser, are small text files which provide us with information on how often you visit our website and what interests you during those visits. The cookies themselves do not contain any data that would identify you as an individual, but if you share such data with us, for example by registering, it may be connected with the data stored in the cookies. Cookies do not give us access to data on your hard drive or to information collected by other cookies created by other websites.

    You always have the option of accepting or rejecting cookies. If you reject cookies, you will not be able to register your user profile. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can change that in the browser settings by opting to reject cookies or receiving notifications before cookies are stored.

    For information about cookie settings, click the name of your browser:

    Why do we use cookies?

    Cookies help us provide, secure and improve Sportoora services, for example with personalized content, customization and measurement of ads, and provide a safer experience. While we may occasionally change the cookies that we use when we improve or update our services, we use them for the following purposes:

    Third-party cookies used by Sportoora:

    5.   How do we process your data?

    Our vision is to encourage as many people as possible to be active on a regular basis. Our services are developed to help users track their activity goals and motivate them to pursue a healthy lifestyle. All the data that we collect on users are used to improve our services, optimise the user experience, and share useful and interesting information with you. How we process your data:

    6.   Sharing data with third parties

    We will not share your personal data with third parties in a way that allows them to identify you.

    7.   How do we keep your data secure?

    Sportoora has a variety of protocols in place to secure your personal data stored in our datacentres. All data in electronic form is stored on servers in accordance with applicable legislation and the Rules on the Protection of Personal Data, which are binding on our employees. To protect against unauthorized access to your personal data, we also use procedures such as password encryption and login auditing. Despite these precautions, you must realize that it is impossible to create a completely invulnerable system, which is why we cannot guarantee that your personal data will be 100% safe.

    8.   Your rights and how to assert them

    We store your data for as long as required to provide you Sportoora services. The data associated with your user account will be stored until we delete the account. The data may be stored longer provided we have the legal basis for storage or have received an official request from an official body.

    We assure you will be able to assert the rights listed below without undue delay and no later than within a month after we have received your request. We reserve the right to extend this deadline by two months at most when required by the complexity and number of received requests. In the event we plan to extend the deadline, we will notify you thereof within a month from the receipt of your request and provide the reasons for the delay.

    When there are reasonable doubts concerning the identity of the individual making a request associated with any of their rights, we may request additional information necessary to confirm the identity of the data subject.

    In the event requests by a data subject are clearly unfounded or excessive, in particular because they are recurrent, we reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee or refuse to act on the request.

    In accordance with the applicable legislation, you may assert the following rights concerning the processing of personal data:

    Every data subject also has the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner if they consider that the processing of personal data related to them infringes the legislative provisions on the protection of personal data.

    9. Legal claims for consultation of data

    We may access your data, store it and share it in response to a legal claim (e.g. search warrant, arrest warrant, summons) when we are convinced, in good faith, that such is required by law. Such action may also be undertaken when legal claims are made in other countries where the Slovenian legal order does not apply but are in accordance with internationally recognized standards. 

    We may also access your data and information, store it and transmit it when we are convinced in good faith that such is necessary to:

    For example, we may provide third-party partners with information about the reliability of your account to prevent fraud and abuse of our services. Information that we receive about you may be accessed, processed and retained for longer than customary in the event this information is the subject of a legal claim or obligation, investigation, or investigations concerning potential violations of our Terms of Service or rules. We may also retain data from accounts which have been disabled due to violation of our terms. Such retention may last at least a year to prevent recurrent abuse or other violations of our Terms of Service.

    10. Changes

    Changes to our Privacy Policy are always published on our website. In the event of any significant changes that require your explicit consent, we will notify you with an email sent to the address that you provided during the registration of your user profile. Before continuing to use our service, you will be able to review and consent to the changes.

    If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us at

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