Sportoora fair play rules

Sportoora has an important vision – to help you find and train your inner athlete. Active lifestyle helps you maintain health and wellbeing, and this is exactly what Sportoora wants to encourage. Together we can make Sportoora a safe and pleasant place for all its users.

We are introducing a set of simple rules for everyone who uses Sportoora. The real satisfaction can only be achieved through fair play, so we really hope everyone can recognize the value of our game and respect the co-players. In the event of a violation of the rules, we reserve the right to act, in the worst-case scenario also by excluding the players from the game.

You can read our Terms and conditions and Privacy Policy any time to be completely sure about what is allowed and what forbidden.

Game rules

Sportoora is mainly intended for you – to motivate you and help you set and achieve your sports goals. Any kind of cheating will actually mean you are cheating yourself. If you post activities that you haven’t really done, your buddies might believe you at first, but soon they will find out your secret. And although we understand that you desperately want to achieve your goal and would sometimes like to take a shortcut, we all know that being proud of yourself is only real and great when you constantly give your best to achieve your goals.

We have tried to make our list of activities as complete as possible, but we are pretty sure there might be some activities missing. We will try to identify them and add to the list. But just to make sure – we will only add the real sports activities. Pressing the buttons on your TV remote might burn a few calories, but still doesn’t qualify as a real activity. We will also never add any intimate activities (although you can sweat pretty intensely performing them, but keep that only for your evidence) or any activities that would be insulting to individuals or groups, based on their gender, sexual orientation, race or religion.

Buddies make it more fun

Sportoora is even more fun when you connect with your buddies. But always be sure to share your information only with people you feel comfortable sharing with. To find new sports buddies is great, but there is always the need for caution. We do not recommend you to connect with complete strangers.

Take care of safety

Being stubborn and competitive often pays off on a sports field, but keep your bravery for the real world. Let’s make Sportoora a safe virtual field for all users. We are doing our best to keep Sportoora safe, but we can never guarantee complete security. We therefore need your help – as a Sportoora user you are committed not to harass, blackmail or threaten other users. Sportoora is a kind community and so is the communication among its users – therefore you are committed not to share any hate speech or post any violent or pornographic content. By using Sportoora you also commit not to bother other users with commercial messages (spam) or collect their personal information without their explicit consent. You will never upload any viruses or harmful codes, or use Sportoora for illegal, misleading, malicious or discriminatory activities. You will register your Sportoora profile with your real personal information and never abuse somebody else’s personal data. 

Treat others the way you want to be treated  

A sports game is a fair game. Sportoora supports all the actions that do not harm others. As a Sportoora user you are committed not to post anything that violates the rights of others, Sportoora Terms and conditions or applicable legislation. It is always nice to share pleasant moments with buddies in everyday life, but keep in mind that Sportoora is an online community whose members are expected to respect the rights of buddies who do not want to be exposed online. 

Red card

Our Spoortora team is a big fan of sports and active lifestyle, so it makes us immensely happy to know that our users enjoy our services and are encouraged to set some daring goals and manage to achieve them. But we also take our role of referees very seriously and make sure the game is always fair. We always keep the red card in our pocket and wish to never use it, but reserve the right to pull it out and remove an unfair player from the game if the rights of other users are being violated. Red card means removing the violator’s profile from Sportoora.

Do not abuse the brand Sportoora

We have built our brand Spoortora in the spirit of providing positive benefits for all its users. We always stand firm on our decisions and actions, so it is important for our users that communication is official. We are pleased about spreading the word about us, but we kindly ask you that whenever you express your opinion or share information about Sportoora, which is not our official statement, make it clear it is unofficial and not connected with us.

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