About us

Sportoora is your ally in living a healthy and active lifestyle. It's not only the highest speed or longest distance that count – Sportoora appreciates everything that you do to keep yourself active and healthy.

We strongly believe sport is fun and should be a part of everyone's life. Our goal is to help you stay active, find sports that you enjoy and share your passion with your buddies.

We understand that some of you like to measure your activities and analyse your progress. But our main aim is to encourage you to take some time to be active every day in as many ways as possible, regardless of your results. Sportoora is here to support you with every single step you make towards being your best version of yourself.  

Not everyone can be the first to reach the marathon's finish line, but everyone can be their own winner – being regularly active instead of listening to your inner voice telling you to spend an afternoon on the couch will make you a winner! And Sportoora will always cheer loudly for you!

How it all started?

As young parents, we were surprised how many kids were not regularly engaged in any sports activity. The alarming facts about obesity in young children got us worried and we felt it was time to do something. At first, we focused on children, but we soon realized Sportoora can help all generations. We wanted to build an online activity service that would help every single person, no matter what their favourite activity is or how good they are at it. We realized the global market was missing a platform where everyone could record all their activities, stay highly motivated and share their passion with their friends.

So Sportoora is here – for everyone.

Our vision

We are on an important mission – we want everyone to feel good and happy about themselves. We are truly convinced that the real beauty comes from within and that leading a healthy and active lifestyle is the key. We would like to see you spending your free time as actively as possible, doing sports with friends, playing games with children, and most importantly – enjoying movement.

We strongly believe that the true beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and it comes from within. Everyone is beautiful. Especially when wearing a smile. And sportswear.

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