Stay motivated 1 February 2019

Too busy to work out? That’s one of the most common excuses. What’s yours?

“I have small kids and there’s always plenty of work around the house.”
“My job is too exhausting and I come home so late that only bed is on my mind.”
“When things settle down, I will start to exercise.” 

Sounds familiar? The truth is that lack of time is known as the most common excuse, but it is usually something else. Maybe you don’t have the right motivation, maybe you don’t like the type of workout you’ve been doing, or you feel pain when exercising. 

Let's face it, we usually have less trouble finding time for television and social media than spend some time exercising. It doesn’t take any effort to turn on TV or scroll down the phone screen, does it? On the other hand, all you need to fit more physical activity into your busy day is strong determination. There are many opportunities that you can take advantage of.

Exercise with children

If your child still enjoys the stroller rides, put on your running shoes or roller blades and hit the road. The toddler will love the speed and you’ll have a great workout.

When your children are small enough to lift them easily, you can use them as weights and do a few squats. The kids always love it when they become your fitness equipment.

Children that can ride their own bikes are a great jogging company. They will feel excellent as your personal running coaches.

Workout while watching TV 

Keep your fitness mat in the living room and whenever you watch TV, do a few squats, push-ups or high jumps. Do some yoga postures or gently stretch your body. Take advantage of the minutes you spend watching your favourite show and you can have an effective workout every day.

5-minute workouts

If watching TV is not on your daily activity list, you can divide workout into 5-minute segments. Do some push-ups and sit-ups before breakfast and squats while preparing lunch – with a few repetitions you can have a nice workout done by the end of the day.

Let waiting be fun, not boring

Parents often need to wait for their young athletes to finish their practice. Keep your running shoes or nordic walking poles in your car and instead of eagerly scrolling on the phone, get some cardio workout done.

A walk or jog with friends

Instead of meeting your friends for a coffee and discussing your everyday worries, suggest taking a walk or jog together. You will all feel better after an active meeting.

Get up 30 min earlier

Maybe your only option to have a good workout is while all your family members are sleeping. Consider getting up 30 minutes earlier and by the time your family wakes up, you’ll already be feeling great. Regular workout will boost your energy and after a while, it will be easier to get up early.

Start slowly

Even 5 minutes for your workout today is better than none, so start slowly and add a few minutes every week. A 5-minute workout routine might easily become a 30-minute routine in a few weeks. And once you get used to exercising every day, you will never look for excuses to skip your workout.


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