Sport tips and tricks 11 December 2018

Swimming is a great workout for people of all ages

Carefree holiday days are ideal for experiencing the positive effects of swimming and get excited about a new activity. Swimming is an excellent cardio workout which is not hard on the joints and is appropriate for people of all ages. Here are five benefits of swimming.

Whole body activity

With each stroke, arms and legs are activated, while the back and abdominal muscles are also significantly involved in the whole body movement. Water works in your favor as well – because of its resistance, the muscles work even harder.

No joint pain

Swimming is especially gentle on the joints – unlike most other sports which can be hard on particular joints, swimming is significantly less taxing on them and is less likely to cause injuries and pain.

Suitable for all generations

Swimming can be practiced by almost anyone – from small children to older people and also to those with joint problems for whom other forms of exercises are not recommended. Swimming is safe and benificial for pregnant women as well. 

Quicker weight loss

If you want to lose some extra pounds, swimming is a great way of achieving your goal since it activates a lot of muscles and therefore uses a lot of energy. Because swimming is gentle on the joints, it is also safer for slightly overweight people.

Not much equipment needed

Swimming requires only a little equipment – swimwear and goggles. However, it is recommended to use a swim cap as well to protect your hair. With various other accessories, such as a mask, fins, a pull buoy or a kickboard, you can make your workout even more interesting.

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