Fun for all 23 May 2019

Summer fun in the water

Summer holidays are always the best part of the year – we can spend more quality time with family and friends, sleep in a bit late and relax on the beach, but we can also spend more time enjoying different sports activities.

If you’re spending your summer vacation next to the sea or lake, we suggest you enjoy some of the following activities. If you haven’t tried them before, you might be surprised how much fun they are.

Stand up paddling

A relatively new water activity has conquered the beaches worldwide literally in a few years. Stand up paddling can be a fun way to explore the hidden bays that you can’t access on foot or a great workout for the whole body. It might take a little effort to find your balance at the beginning, but once you can firmly stand on the board, it will be relatively easy to paddle  in calm waters. For those who need some extra adrenaline, riding some bigger waves can be a great challenge. Since the activity has gained so much popularity across the world, there are rental options on many public beaches.  


Kayaking is popular both on rivers and the sea, because it offers a great way to move along the shore and visit otherwise inaccessible spots. It is also a great workout and can be a real challenge in river rapids. In tourist centres at the seaside, lakes and rivers you can usually find a shop that rents kayaks and needed equipment. 


If you’re vacationing somewhere by the wavy sea and people gather to catch the perfect wave, try surfboarding. Usually you can rent only the board, but if you’re a beginner, we recommend you book a few hours with an instructor. With good advice and a little bit of practice you might soon be riding the waves. 

Water skiing

You might think you will never stand on the skies in the water, but it is worth giving it a try. It is a bit easier to try it on the ski lift, but skiing behind the boat will be even more fun. Once you move over the phase of trying to stand up in the water, you will enjoy the gliding over the sea surface. It might seem effortless when you watch someone ski from the beach, but once you are in those skiing shoes and attached to the skies, you will actually feel many of your muscles working really hard. All in all, it is a great workout.


It is always great fun to see and explore the underwater world. Even when it seems there isn’t much going on under the surface, there is always a vivid sea life. If you don’t have your own mask and snorkel, you can usually rent the equipment inexpensively at the public beach. Put your mask on and swim calmly close to the shore – you will see how interesting the life under water is. If you’re lucky enough to be swimming near the coral reefs, you will never want to leave the water. Beautiful colours make the underwater life just amazing.

Although the described activities are relatively easy even for the beginners, they are only suitable for good swimmers. Never go too far from the shore and always be aware of possible strong currents – check with the locals if water is safe enough for swimming and other activities. And be careful when there are lots of people in the water – it’s not always easy to manoeuvre the kayak, board or skies in the water, so you have to make sure everyone around you is safe.


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