Stay motivated 1 January 2019

How to keep your New Year's resolution?

According to statistics, only 8 out of 100 people keep their resolutions. The reasons to fail are different, but these are among the most common:

If your resolution this year is to live healthier, exercise more and get in better shape, you should make a realistic plan and join Sportoora to keep it.

Set a realistic gaol

If you haven't been regularly active in the past, start slowly and make progress each day, week and month. It is impossible to go from zero activity to running an hour every day in just a week, but with continuous progress you will soon be able to add some extra minutes to every activity.

Make your weekly and monthly plans

There is no success without proper planning. If you want to make changes to your daily routine, you need to make a plan. Set a plan of the activities for each month (for instance: running twice a week, yoga every Tuesday and Thursday, tennis on Fridays ...) with detailed weekly schedules. Mark your activity time on the calendar for each day and stick to it. Consistency is the key to success.

Track your progress

Keep a diary to help you stay motivated even on low-energy days. When you look at everything that you have already done, it will give you the extra push.

Share your plans and success with others

Having friends by your side makes everything easier. When you are struggling to stay motivated, a word of encouragement from your friend can do the magic. So share your plans with your friends and you can always rely on their help when you will need it.

Celebrate the results

Setting bold goals and working hard to fulfil them is not easy. Therefore, you should be proud of yourself for reaching every milestone. Many people achieve the unthinkable results and don't congratulate themselves. So, never forget to celebrate the results of your hard work! 

Keep your resolution with Sportoora

Sportoora is different – it does not focus on distance, burnt calories, pace or elevation. It helps you keep a diary of everything that you do to keep your body active and fit. You can log more than 400 different activities – whether it is running, bowling with friends, kayaking, or snow shovelling. Every single activity counts. 

It is really simple to log an activity – just click on the name of the activity and duration. Your activities are shown chronologically and you can always check your statistics for the current month or specific period.

You can follow your friends and let them follow you. Sharing your activities and results with your favourite people will make it even easier and more fun.


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