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How to become regularly active?

There might be some health issues that could limit your possibilities and that can happen to any of us at some point in life, but even people with different disabilities often become the heroic role models and prove that most of our limits are only in our heads. 

No matter the age, gender, career, social status or any other factor, you can make a change in your life and start being regularly active. But only if you want to.

Being active to lose weight or reshape your body is fine, but there are many more positive outcomes of living an active life. When you start enjoying the movement of your body and feel the progress in energy, strength and health, it will be much easier to stick to your daily routine.    

Here are some tips to help you gain your passion for sports and activities.

Do it for yourself 

Trying to lose weight to look better for your partner can be a short-term motivation and telling everyone you are starting to do sports can also help at the beginning, but to really enjoy the active lifestyle, the desire has to come from you. So, when you bring a change in your life, make it for yourself. You are going to be the biggest winner when you start being regularly active. You will feel better, have more energy, feel stronger and have a fit and healthy body.

Find the activity you like

There are so many possibilities to explore. Sportoora has identified more than 400 activities (and counting), but we are sure there are plenty more you can find and do. Of course, some activities require special skills and can only be done after a lot of practice, some are related to more costs than others, but there is certainly an activity you could enjoy.

If you don't like running, but consider doing it because your best friend is a runner and you could have a sports buddy, this might not work out. When you find an activity that you really like, it will be much more fun for you and you will hardly wait to get dressed and start moving.

Set your mind to success

Your thoughts are very powerful. If you go the gym just because you have to, it will soon become a burden for you and you’re likely going to quit. But if you change your perspective and set your mind to success, you have better chances to start loving what you do. Being healthy and able to move are big advantages that should never be taken for granted, so if you don’t live with severe physical disability, you can consider yourself lucky enough to freely move your body and enjoy it.  If you believe in positive outcomes of regular physical activity, you are much more likely going to succeed.

Plan your weekly schedule

You might have a busy career or small kids that occupy most of your free time, but with proper planning you can squeeze an hour in your daily schedule for yourself. It might sound impossible with all the other obligations, but keep in mind that regular physical activity boosts your mood and energy. Spending 4,17% of your day on some kind of activity will help you gain more energy and increase your efficiency

Start slowly

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If you haven’t been active for a longer time, start slowly – maybe two or three times a week for 20 or 30 minutes. You will soon get in better shape and then you can prolong the time. 

Do something every day

Your goal should be to do something every day. Many experts suggest that everyone should spend an hour a day on some kind of sports or activity. You don’t need to run or go to the gym every day, but try to be active in some way. Instead of meeting your friends for coffee, suggest going for a walk. Instead of going to work by car, consider walking or cycling there if possible. Instead of spending an afternoon with the kids in front of the screens, go out and play some games. 

Stick to your routine for 21 days in a row

Like every other change in your life, becoming regularly active will also take some time. We all have our moments when we want to quit, but try to stick to your new lifestyle for at least three weeks. By then, you will feel the first results and most importantly, you will figure out your new daily schedule. This will give you the confidence that you can succeed. But when you have a bad day or don’t feel ok, don’t be too hard on yourself – skip a workout or two to take some time off, relax and get back to your daily workout  routine as soon as you feel better.

Keep a diary

Keeping a diary is motivational in different views. Firstly, it helps you stick to your plan. Secondly, it helps you set some more challenging goals – when you can see what you have already achieved, you will get more courage for further plans. Sportoora is here to help you – with a free App to keep your activity diary. It’s fun, it’s social and it’s motivational. 

Share it with family and friends

Be proud of your success and share it with your family and friends. They will cheer for you and motivate you if you ever want to quit. If you use Sportoora, you can connect with your buddies and share your activity diary with them.

Celebrate your success

Last but not least – always celebrate your success. Give yourself some credit and indulge in things you like the most – may it be a special cake or a new T-shirt to run in. Whatever makes you happy, you deserve it after you have successfully reached your goal.

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