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Be active every day.

Sportoora is your ultimate activity diary
to keep you motivated.

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It's simple: Being active makes you healthy. And it makes you happy.

No matter what you do, how fast you go or how far you reach. It only matters that you do something good for yourself, enjoy the freedom of moving and feel the strength of your body. Every day.

Join the global community of people who love to be active, support each other and push the limits of the comfort zone.

Every activity counts

The good news is you don't need to be a professional athlete to have a fit and healthy body. Every single activity will help you reach your goal. The only trick is to get off the couch and start moving. Spending only 4,17 % of your time every day on the activity that you enjoy will make you super fit. Sportoora will help you track your progress and stay motivated with more than 400 different activities (and counting). Yes, we believe that also cleaning the windows, shovelling the snow or simply going bowling with friends have a positive effect on your body and mind.

Every activity counts

Don't worry about your speed or distance

We believe being the winner does not only mean being the fastest, scoring the most points or running long distances. Sportoora will not even track information about your speed or distance. All that matters is to take some time off and spend it enjoying your favourite activity. For us, everyone who is regularly active is the winner. Don’t forget - every day there is a new opportunity for you to be the best version of yourself.

Don't worry about your speed or distance

Stay motivated

You will get highly motivated when you find the activities that you really enjoy. We will do our best to help you stay motivated and inspired for a long period of time by carefully logging your activities and rewarding your efforts with special tattoos. Each month we will challenge you with new goals, so we promise your life with Sportoora will never get boring.

Stay motivated

Buddies make it more fun

Follow your buddies and share your activities with them. Although you might not be able to work out together, you can still support each other. You can always count on your buddies if your inner voice is trying to persuade you to have an easy day. And you can motivate them when they need some extra push.

Buddies make it more fun

Community of genuine people

Sportoora welcomes everyone. No matter what your favourite activity is, how fast you are or how strong you feel. We want everyone to feel welcome and safe. Sportoora is a global family of genuine people, who support instead of judge, motivate instead of criticize and believe in the power of kind words.

Community of genuine people

Our vision

We are on an important mission. We believe that the key to feeling good about yourself lies in an active and healthy lifestyle. It is often hard to ignore all the beauty standards and not to worry about our bodies when we get messages about the appearance ideals literally on every step. But we strongly believe that the true beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and from within. Therefore, in all our official communications we only use images where people look the same as in their real life. Because we believe everyone is beautiful. Especially when wearing a smile. And sportswear.

Summer fun in the water
Summer fun in the water

It is never boring next to the sea or lake, especially if it’s hot and the water is refreshing. There are plenty activities besides swimming that you can try.


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in 186 different activities.

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We will let you know the best activity when first user does something this month.

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